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Horse Trainer Raves about Animal Reiki and Animal Communication

Reagan Hayes, an internationally recognized Hunter/Jumper Trainer, based in San Ramon, California, was skeptical, at first, about giving her 6 year old horse, Gelato, a "voice" during an animal communication session with me. However, she loves Jelly and clearly wanted to know what she could do to help him in his training as an elite show jumper. Reagan Hayes with her horse, Jelly Bean Reagan was open to what Jelly had to share with her, including wanting to use a hackamore instead of a bit, that he didn't like his saddle and wanted to jump bigger. In this video, Reagan shares how Jelly has responded to the communication and Reiki.   Needless to say, she is thrilled with the results. To learn more about Reagan, visit  her website. Me with Jelly Bean after his session.

Kite Family In a Tree

I love watching the white-tailed Kites float over the field. They look like angels with their wings outstretched as they hover over their intended prey. My neighborhood has been blessed again this year with Kite babies. Now fledglings, you can see them as they learn how to fly. It's a joy to see them take flight for the first time. I heard this fledgling sing with joy as he soared through the air. I also felt a sense of relief as his talons grabbed hold of a branch. Can't wait to see them again tomorrow. I'm hopeful they will be sticking around for a little while longer.