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Reiki with Horses is Magical

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a Reiki class at Rising Starr Horse Rescue (RSHR) to help their rescued horse heal from trauma, abuse, and neglect. Rescued horses Hoorah and Brandi RSHR's rescued horses often arrive confused, afraid, malnourished, and shut down. Sharing Reiki with these courageous beings helped them feel safe, honored, and loved. The class shared Reiki with all the horses at RSHR. However, Samson and Goliath came forward to demonstrate how easily and quickly animals respond to the heart energy of Reiki. The horses illustrated how magical it can be when we radiate the heart energy of Reiki. In the video, you see the group doing a standing Reiki meditation outside Samson and Goliath's paddock (Goliath isn't in the video). When we arrived, Samson and Goliath were distressed by the biting flies and didn't acknowledge the group's presence. In less than 2 minutes, both enthusiastically trotted to the fence where we were standing, ignoring the flies. Shar

Have you prepared your pet for summer?

Are you a pet parent planning for a vacation? With the summer season upon us, it can be beneficial when you discuss your summer plans or other changes in daily routines with your pet.  Sharing any upcoming changes gives your pet the chance to prepare and weigh in on any needs and wishes they may have which can lead to a calmer and more peaceful experience for everyone. Clients like to call me before they go on vacation because they feel it's essential to keep their animal family in the "loop" when planning for their care while away. Animals depend on their day-to-day rituals to help them feel safe, secure and loved. Even minor changes can be stressful and anxiety-producing leading to physical and emotional issues. The good news is talking with your pet during your vacation planning process can make a huge difference in how your pet responds to the upcoming changes in their daily routines.   An animal communication session allows you to ask your animal family if they

Dolphins Visit My Hometown in Connecticut

As I meditated at Compo Beach, I sensed the presence of dolphins. To my surprise and delight, a pod of dolphins were swimming in a lagoon, not far from where I was sitting. Photo by Gina Oliveira Beranek During a recent warm late winter's day, Yogi Bear and I headed off to the beach to share a walking meditation. We love walking together along Long Island Sound, feeling our hearts connected as one and communing with Mother Nature.  After our walk, we sat down on a bench that faced westward towards Saugatuck Island, a residential enclave with small lagoons. As I sat there with an open heart, I began receiving a vivid sense of dolphins. I immediately recognized their loving and joyous energy since I've communicated with dolphins for over 25 years. Plus, I have swam with numerous pods of Spinner Dolphins in Hawaii. I feel a deep connection with dolphins as they have been an integral part of my spiritual journey. I enjoyed visualizing a pod of dolphins appearing before me as their

Reiki Helps Shelter Animals

Cathy with a shelter kitten This month, the Connecticut Humane Society (CHS) chose to spotlight my volunteer work as an animal Reiki practitioner at their Westport shelter.  I'm grateful to this progressive animal welfare organization for recognizing how sharing animal Reiki and animal communication helps ease shelter animals' stress, fear, and anxiety. It also helps animals to feel safe and develop trust which can make them more adoptable.  This is what CHS shared about my role as an Animal Reiki practitioner: Volunteer role: Animal Reiki practitioner Length of service: 3 months I started volunteering because…I love animals and want to help shelter animals with animal Reiki and animal communication. My favorite part of volunteering is…seeing the animals relax when I offer them Reiki, which is meditating with them for healing. Machin the Ferret My most memorable volunteer experience is…helping Machin the ferret with Reiki because he had dental issues and then seeing him find hi

Conversations with a Parrot

As an animal communicator, my job is to translate pets' thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints so their people can better understand them. I communicate with animals using the silent language of telepathy, which means feeling another soul or spirit over a distance. I use verbal language with humans. Ziggy I recently spoke with a longtime client, Julie* and her 3-year-old jenday conure parrot, Ziggy*, about several behavioral issues that stemmed from misunderstanding each other. I first met Ziggy at the bird rescue the day Julie adopted him a couple of years ago. He is a sweet guy, full of sunshine and joy. Julie wants nothing more than Ziggy's happiness. His wings are intact so he can fly around the house, and she gives him the freedom to walk on the floor and play with toys. Julie felt that giving him access outside his birdhouse was an act of love. Previous animal communication sessions with Ziggy focused on healing two potentially dangerous and life-threatening behaviors. The fi

Meditating with Your Pets Promotes Health and Well-being

Did you know meditating with your pets can have a profound influence on their health and overall well-being? Cultivating a daily meditation practice with your animal family is a precious and potent gift that allows them to flourish in all aspects of their lives---physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually- which ultimately keeps them healthier and happier. When you spend time meditating with your pets, you create a compassionate space with many positive healing benefits like stress reduction, relaxation, a sense of safety, mutual understanding, and joy. It also strengthens your heart connection and bond. The ancient art of meditation can be layered with different expectations and be practiced in various ways. However, animals perceive mediation in straightforward terms. Animals live in the moment and are drawn to peaceful, calm, balanced, and open-hearted energy. Pet-led meditation teaches us how to live in the moment with a strong heart connection. Here are 7 ways a daily medi