Wednesday, November 20, 2019

3 Tips to Prepare Your Pets for The Holidays.

Help Your Pet Enjoy the Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, and it's time to celebrate the joy of the season with family and friends, including your animal family. Unfortunately, the holiday season also means your daily routine may be disrupted, which can create stress and anxiety in your pets.

Your pet's daily rituals build confidence and help them feel safe, secure, and loved. For many animals, even the smallest changes in their daily routine can be stress and anxiety-producing, especially for elderly pets. If left unchecked, stress can impact your pet's behavior, health, and overall quality of life.

To avoid behavioral problems and stress, here are three easy ways to prepare your animal family so you can all enjoy a fun and joyful Holiday Season:

  • Tip #1: Keep your pets on a regular schedule as best you can, which includes going on walks, playing, feeding at consistent times, and keeping their regular bedtime. If you can't keep their normal routine, then consider giving your animals additional exercise, attention, play, and love. Your animals will appreciate the extra time you spend with them. Plus, exercise and play will help you and your pet release excess energy and stress. 
  • Tip #2: Talk with your pets in advance of any changes in their daily routines like having visitors in the house, changes in their schedule, or going on vacay. Clear communication makes a world of difference for your animal as it prepares them for any upcoming changes. If you need help conveying your message, schedule an Animal Communication session with me. You will gain valuable insight into what your pet needs and wants along with alleviating potential stress so they can be calm and peaceful during the hustle and bustle. 
  • Tip #3: Give your animals the gift of a Reiki session to reduce stress and anxiety and promote overall wellness, peace, harmony, and balance. Animal Reiki helps animals and their humans go into a relaxed space while gently releasing energetic blockages and imbalances you and your animals may be experiencing. It's like a spa treatment that gives you and your pets a stress break and helps rejuvenate you.

When Andrea was heading out of the country for the Holidays, she scheduled two animal communication sessions to talk with her horse, Bert.

During Andrea and Bert's first conversation, Andrea discussed who would take care of him and how her absence would affect his daily rituals. Bert expressed he was on board with Andrea's plan and his caregiver.

The day before Andrea left, she spoke with Bert to review the changes in his schedule and to find out if he had any requests about his care before she left. Bert requested extra treats. Andrea also reassured Bert she'd be home in a couple of weeks.

When Andrea returned from her vacation, I received an email from her letting me know that Bert did well while she was away, especially since he tends to experience stress from the smallest changes in his routine. Andrea said talking with Bert also significantly reduced her stress from feeling separated from her horse.

Andrea added:
"While I was on vacation, as per your suggestion, I did 'check in' with Bert every day. I found the transition coming home was so much easier than it's ever been. I felt Bert was not mad with me for going away and he walked up to me when I went to get her out of her paddock - something he never does."

Cyndi felt anxious about leaving her three dogs for a week while she went to Hawaii. She admits she and her animal family suffer from separation anxiety. She also recognizes her apprehension adds to everyone's stress and worry.

To reduce everyone's anxiety, Cyndi scheduled Reiki sessions before and during her trip to help her dogs feel peaceful, balanced, and calm. The day before she left, Cyndi and her animals had a Reiki treatment at her home. While Cyndi enjoyed her vacation, her dogs enjoyed a couple of distant Reiki sessions.

Cyndi emailed me to share that her dogs were grounded and calm when she got home. Cyndi expressed her gratitude for my helping her dogs so she could focus on her family and enjoying herself.

When you give your animal family the gift of an Animal Communication and Animal Reiki session, you show them how much you love them and that you haven't forgotten them during the holiday season.

May you find peace during the holiday season.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Deer Wisdom and the Reiki Precepts

For today only, be compassionate to yourself and others.

I enjoy walking in Nature with Bodhi and encountering wildlife. Recently, we have run across numerous deer. When wild animals cross my path, I pay attention to their spiritual messages. I welcome their insight, support, and wisdom to help me on my spiritual journey.

Deer are definitely trying to give me a message. We saw four deer grazing on the side of the road in Monterey. A couple of weeks later, two bucks and a doe who crossed our path just a few feet away on an early morning walk (see video below). Then I received a call from a client about a wild deer that had gone missing in South Dakota.

All animals have mystical messages and wisdom that give us insight into our lives and our relationship with Nature. An Animal Spirit Guide is a spiritual being that guides and protects us on our spiritual path. Every Animal Spirit Guide has their unique guidance and inspiration.

Deer wisdom is about being kind, gentle, compassionate, and loving to oneself and others. Deer guides us to choose kindness, unconditional love, and peace. Deer wisdom is in alignment with the heart chakra along with the Reiki precept, "For today only, be compassionate to yourself and others."

The Reiki principles or precepts bring our awareness to the present moment and help us practice gratitude and compassion. The Reiki precepts are valuable guides to our spiritual development and healing. Connecting with them daily is a beautiful way to support balanced and rightful living.

Learning about Animal Spirit Guides teaches us about improving our connection with our true nature and authentic selves. When we stop to listen and understand animals' messages, it can bring personal power, strength, along with mutual understanding. By doing so, it heals our mind, body, and spirit.

Monday, September 16, 2019

How Animal Reiki Differs From Animal Communication

Are you confused about the differences between an Animal Reiki treatment and Animal Communication consult? 

If you are, you're not alone. 

These days, many professional Animal Communicators, like myself, also practice Animal Reiki and vice versa. It's beneficial to understand the differences between these individual healing modalities, the role of each practitioner and why combining Animal Communication (AC) and Animal Reiki (AR) into a single session reduces the integrity and effectiveness of each technique.

It's easy to confuse the two techniques because the successful outcome of an Animal Communication session and Animal Reiki treatment is to create harmony, balance and mutual understanding between animals and humans. 

The purpose of an Animal Communication consult is to allow humans and animals to share their hearts together with the Animal Communicator creating an active dialog and discussion between the animal and their human. 

An Animal Communicator's job is to:
  • Accurately send and receive telepathic messages.
  • Interpret the animals' messages. 
  • Focus on the animal's issues and problems.
  • Clear up miscommunication and misunderstanding.
  • Remain open and receptive without judgments, projections, or expectations.
  • Empower animals by giving them a "voice," so they can be better understood. 
  • Provide feedback and insight from the animal's perspective.
  • Offer support, counseling, and guidance to animal and human.
  • Advocate for the animal as an equal partner in the human-animal relationship.

As a professional Animal Communicator, it's my job to actively listen to the animal and their human. During an AC consultation, I create a bridge of mutual understanding by allowing the animal and human to have a two-way conversation in real-time with me acting as an interpreter. 

Once the animal's perspective is known, I provide feedback, counseling and support to clear up misunderstandings and miscommunication by clarifying the reasons behind problems and behaviors which may feel confusing or overwhelming. It's my intention to actively focus on an animal's problems no matter how upsetting, like when they're experiencing behavioral issues, illness or death. 

While an Animal Communicator doesn't need to have a counseling background, I find it's helpful to my clients and myself that I have a master's degree in counseling. A crucial aspect of the Animal Communicator's job is to take good care of the human during a session, especially since no one wants to feel judged. A counseling background gives the Animal Communicator essential tools that are needed to create a safe healing space for all involved.

The goal of an Animal Reiki treatment is to help animals through passive Reiki meditation.

The Animal Reiki practitioner's role is to:
  • Hold a healing space of peace, love, and compassion using Reiki meditation.
  • Not focus on the animal's issues/problems or need to know about them.
  • Not interpret animals' messages.

My intention as an Animal Reiki practitioner is to create a safe healing space for the animal through Reiki meditation so the animal can go into deep relaxation which enhances the body's natural healing response.  

For animals to experience the full depth of a Reiki healing experience, the animal and AR practitioner must go into silent meditation which helps animals go into a deep relaxation where the animal can heal. 

It's difficult for the animal and AR practitioner to go into the Reiki space if there is an expectation that the animal needs to do something other than relaxing. Plus, it's impossible to carry on an active two-way conversation with the animal and their human while being in the passive state of meditation.

Many AR practitioners become confused about their purpose if they receive intuitive telepathic messages from animals. Just because the AR practitioner receives telepathic messages from animals during an Animal Reiki treatment doesn't make them an Animal Communicator.

When I first began my Animal Reiki practice twelve years ago, I naively thought I could practice AC and AR at the same time. I quickly realized practicing AR required I take a passive role as I meditate with the animal. On the other hand, AC requires my active participation as I engage in a dialog with the animal and their person. I learned it's impossible to be active and passive at the same time. 

Experience has taught me that it's more beneficial and less confusing to offer Animal Communication and Animal Reiki as individual services. If I receive essential information from an animal during an Animal Reiki treatment, I will suggest to my human clients that they schedule a separate Animal Communication session so I can relay their animals' messages. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sharing Reiki with Horses

Equine Reiki Day at Cadence Farm 

From the time I was a toddler, I've been horse-crazy. I started riding when I was six and was blessed to have a pony in my backyard when I was nine-years-old. Being around horses, especially sharing Reiki with them, opens my heart and heals my soul.

When animal Reiki pioneer, Kathleen Prasad offered her Equine Reiki Day at Cadence Farm, I knew I wanted to attend. I find sharing Reiki with horses to be nurturing and healing for them and me.

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key") comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning spirit and “ki” meaning energy. Reiki is also referred to as the “universal life energy.” Reiki for horses and animals is about learning to meditate with them, which creates a healing space of peace, harmony, and compassion.  

Kathleen Prasad with her horse, Kodiak

Equine Reiki Day was held at Cadence Farm located in the picturesque hills of Sonoma, California. Cadence is home to Kathleen's beautiful Paint horse, Kodiak. He is a Reiki master familiar with the Let Animals Lead® method developed by his human, Kathleen. The Let Animals Lead® method allows the animal to be in charge of how much or how little Reiki the wish to receive.

The highlight of my day came when Kathleen asked the group to share Reiki with any horse that called to us. I decided to head toward the horses who were in the shade, given it was getting hot out. I first stopped outside Beamer's stall, which was well shaded.

As I asked Beamer if he wanted Reiki, I was interrupted by a loud nicker coming from behind me. I immediately turned around and saw it was Kodiak calling to me from his sunny pasture. He whinnied at me again, just to make sure I heard his request to share Reiki. Without hesitation, I left Beamer's shaded stall and accepted Kodi's invitation.

Once we greeted each other, I began focusing inward as I started meditating with Kodiak using the Let Animals Lead® method. At first, Kodi did his best to distract me from focusing inward. He nibbled at me through the gate to his paddock and tried to rub up against me with his head. I sensed he was testing me to stay grounded and focused on my meditation.

Kodiak schooling me on the Let Animals Lead® Method of Reiki
Kodiak clearly communicated that he was in charge. Once I passed his test, Kodiak's lips and jaw began to relax. He closed his eyelids and he lowered his head as he went into deep relaxation.

After spending about ten minutes in a peaceful and harmonious space together, Kodiak decided to show me that his tail was bothering him. He turned around and presented his tail to me. Then he did something I didn't expect; he started leaning against the gate with his full weight like he wanted to sit in my lap! I wanted to oblige Kodiak's request but felt that no good would come from him sitting on my lap.

After discouraging Kodiak from leaning against the gate that separated us, he walked away from me and started to graze. He communicated that he had enough Reiki and he felt complete. I thanked Kodiak for helping me work on my focus and grounding and schooling me in the art of Reiki. I felt honored and humbled he wanted to be my teacher and guide for the Reiki exercise.

When I shared with Kathleen my experience sharing Reiki with Kodi, she confirmed Kodiak knows just how much Reiki he needs and wants. She said that when he's done receiving the Reiki, he clearly lets you know. Kodiak is a wise and gifted teacher.

Feeling Blissful After Sharing Reiki

Sharing Reiki with the magnificent horses at Cadence helped them feel better. However, I believe the real teachers and healers were the horses as I left Equine Reiki Day feeling peaceful, joyous, and balanced! I'm grateful to the horses at Cadence for opening my heart and filling it with compassion and love.

Monday, July 15, 2019

The Importance of Being Grounded Practicing Animal Communication and Reiki

Animals sense when we are ungrounded and feel safest when their humans are fully centered and present with them. 

Bodhi reminds me to stay grounded by tapping his paw on my foot.

Being grounded means you are fully present in the here and now which keeps you connected to your animal family, Mother Earth and the Universal Life Energy Flow. 

We live in times of high levels of stress along with a lot of distractions which disconnects from our spiritual selves and Nature. When we are not fully present, it makes it challenging to connect telepathically and share Reiki with animals and Nature.

On a recent visit to my dog's holistic veterinarian to treat his allergies and overall health, his vet mentioned that Bodhi tends to become ungrounded. Dr. Cheryl Schwartz suggested I tap Bodhi's paws whenever he becomes ungrounded to help him come back to the present moment.

After we left Dr. Schwartz's office, Bodhi and I stopped into the store to buy some groceries. As we waited in the check-out line, I noticed Bodhi looking up at me with a big smile his face. I then realized Bodhi had placed his paw on my foot!

Bodhi then communicated to me telepathically that I needed to be more grounded, too!

I couldn't disagree as my mind was focused on what Dr. Schwartz had shared during Bodhi's treatment.

Bodhi's reminder brought me back into my heart and out of my thoughts. I thanked Bodhi for getting the "memo" from Dr. Schwartz and reminding me to stay present.

Staying grounded is about bringing your focus and awareness to the present moment. When you are fully grounded, you feel more balanced and peaceful in your daily life. You also feel safe and secure as you create a stable foundation.

When practicing Animal Communication and Reiki, it's essential to stay grounded as it brings us back into balance, where the animals can connect with us. Being grounded manages overwhelming and potent feelings that tend to block the flow of Reiki and telepathic communication.

Being ungrounded makes it difficult to function effectively in the real world and can block the flow of Animal Communication and Reiki. 

When you're ungrounded, it's easy to be thrown off balance like a leaf being blown around in the wind.

7 Signs You're Ungrounded:
  1. Trouble finishing projects:
  2. Hard to focus or concentrate;
  3. Feel spacey:
  4. Unsure of yourself;
  5. Up in your mind/head instead of in your heart;
  6. Hard time expressing yourself;
  7. Feel called to spend time outside in Nature.

Trees are excellent teachers on how to stay grounded and connected.
Given it's a process. Bodhi and I continue to work on staying grounded and present.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Magical Dog Tail In the Cycle of Life

Here's a Magical Dog Tail that speaks to the interconnections in the cycle of life.

I recently re-took a couple of Animal Reiki classes with Kathleen Prasad to deepen my Animal Reiki knowledge and learn her Let Animals Lead® Method.  

The workshops were held at Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary, which is dedicated to the care and rescue of large senior dogs. It’s a special place located amid the picturesque rolling hills of Sonoma County in California.

Based in Petaluma, this unique Senior Dog Sanctuary was founded by executive director Alice Mayn in memory of Lily, a 14-year-old golden retriever she had fostered for only four months. It's Lily's Legacy's mission to provide safe and loving homes for large breed senior dogs who have been displaced from their homes and/or abandoned for any reason, until they are adopted or to remain at the sanctuary until they pass on.

Throughout the first day of the Animal Reiki 1 workshop, a large male Canadian Goose sat closeby to our group. The longer he sat near us, the more connected I felt with him. I sensed he was there because he enjoyed sharing Reiki with us.

The Canadian Goose made such a big impression on me, I wrote a Haiku about our encounter.

A month later. I returned to Lily’s Legacy to re-take Animal Reiki Level 2. Although the calendar said it was mid-May, the weather had different ideas: it poured cats and dogs throughout the day. Due to the inclement weather, Alice graciously opened her home to the class.

During the workshop, I sat beneath a portrait of Lily that hangs over the living room fireplace. Throughout the day, I felt Lily’s wise, loving, and compassionate Spirit reaching out to me as she shared several telepathic messages with me. 

I clearly understood Lily's first message. Lily expressed her gratitude for the Reiki being shared by our group.

Lily had another message for me that I couldn't figure out the meaning of at the time. It's not unusual that the interpretation of a telepathic message isn't immediately known. My many years as a professional Animal Communicator has taught me to let go of my expectations and allow the message's meaning to unfold organically, even if it takes weeks, months, or longer. Experience has shown me that I will figure out the purpose of her communication in time if it’s meant to be.

Now, this is where my Magical Dog Tail starts to get interesting:

In mid-June, I was talking with my cousin, Rebecca, who lives in Petaluma. I called to let her know that I had partnered up with Lily's Legacy to teach my Animal Communication courses there. I asked Rebecca if she’d heard of Lily's Legacy.

Rebecca enthusiastically responded, “I know Lily's Legacy! That’s where my father, Richard, adopted his last dog from before he passed on.”


Sadly, my Uncle Richard died a few short months after adopting Cruz. My three cousins knew they couldn’t give Cruz the life he deserved. With a heavy heart, they returned Cruz to Lily’s Legacy. Rebecca said it was a hard decision, but they knew it was best for Cruz.

Lily’s Legacy was supportive and kind about taking Cruz back, which came as no surprise. Thankfully, Cruz was quickly adopted into his forever home with a loving couple who adored him.

But the story didn’t end there and in many ways gets more intertwined.

When it was time to find Richard's final resting place, my cousins decided the best place to scatter his cremains was among dogs. He was a huge dog lover and happiest when he was with his dog.

Unbeknownst to me, my cousins decided Lily's Legacy was the right place to scatter Richard’s ashes. With permission, they spread his ashes throughout the property: in the pond and in the fields so Richard would rest eternally with the dogs.

As Rebecca relayed Richard’s and Cruz’s story to me, I got goosebumps and chills. I then realized what Lily communicated to me on that cold rainy day in May. Lily wanted me to know my Uncle was with her and "hanging out" at the Sanctuary.

It also became clear that the Canadian Goose was a sign from my Uncle to let me know that he was happy with his Eternal Resting place and was resting peacefully at Lily’s Legacy. 

A few weeks after my conversation with Rebecca, I decided to visit Lily’s Legacy’s Facebook page. To my surprise, there was a picture of Cruz and a post that said he died on Father’s Day.

This is what Lily's Legacy wrote about Cruz;
“Dear Team Lily… Jason and Suzanne adopted CRUZ from Lily’s after this poor dog lost two owners. No one expects the owner to go first. Cruz was the FIRST dog to set paw on Lily's new permanent home. They gave him the most wonderful life a dog could imagine. Sadly, CRUZ lost his battle with pancreatitis. Run free CRUZ.. you will be missed.”

Now Cruz and my Uncle Richard are reunited across the Rainbow Bridge. It's my belief the two of them are hanging out at Lily's Legacy together, helping senior dogs in needs.

My Uncle Richard and Cruz

I look forward to connecting with my Uncle and Cruz along with the incredible senior dogs when I'm at Lily's Legacy in August and September teaching my Animal Communication classes. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Importance of Expressing Gratitude with Animals

Animals, like people, thrive when we practice gratitude.

If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans. 
---Jame Herriot

Animals are excellent teachers on how to be grateful. Animals recognize and trust humans when they come from a place of gratitude, which is peaceful, calm, and loving.

Gratitude, which means thankfulness and appreciation, connects us to our spiritual essence, which animals recognize and appreciate. Being grateful opens our hearts and minds to be more compassionate to ourselves and others.

Offering gratitude strengthens your bond and connection with all sentient beings in the web of life, especially your animal family because it brings about peace, harmony, love, and compassion. All of which humans and non-human animals need to live a healthy and balanced life.

Practicing gratitude is linked with increased happiness, along with increased physical, mental, and spiritual health. The more I practice the system of Reiki and offer Reiki to animals, the more I feel tremendous appreciation in my life for my animals, health, family, friends, and clients. And I experience more peace and balance in my life.

Animals show us gratitude in a myriad of ways like smiling, cuddling up to us, loving us unconditionally, or just hanging out sharing space together.

When communicating telepathically and offering Reiki to animals, it's essential to express your gratitude and give thanks for the animal's willingness to connect with you in whatever way they feel comfortable. Thanking animals for their desire to talk with you or share Reiki shows that you honor and respect them. Plus it opens the doors to more in-depth communication and relationships.

One way to show gratitude to animals is to practice Gassho with them. Gassho means "two hands coming together in prayer" and is a universal sign of reverence and respect that resembles praying.

The goal of the Gassho meditation is to bring all opposites together to express gratitude in unity and harmony.

Gassho Meditation

Practice this meditation often and for as long as you want. I suggest you begin with 5 minutes a day and build from there.
  • Begin by sitting or standing, whichever is most comfortable for you.
  • Put your hands together, palm-to-palm, in front of your face. Place your straight fingers in the prayer position approximately one fist's length from the tip of your nose while slightly pressing your two palms together (see above illustration).
  • Position your forearms at a slight angle to the ground. Don't let your elbows touch your body. 
  • Gently breathe in through your nose as you imagine breathing in unconditional love or Reiki (Spiritual Energy). 
  • As you exhale, feel this spiritual energy as it moves throughout your entire being in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.
  • While you continue to breathe in the energy of Reiki, see this loving energy nurture your being as you exhale. 
The more you practice the Gassho meditation, the more you will be in a place of reverence, respect, and gratitude, which will open your heart to your true nature as a spiritual being.

As you reconnect with your authentic self, you will become a magnet that is an attractant to animals.