Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Should Your Pet Stay or Go On Vacation?

With summer just around the corner, it's time to make arrangements for your vacation, which means making plans to either bring your pet along or leave them at home.

It's amazing how much smoother your vacation will go when ask your animal family about what they'd like to do.

Including your animal family in the planning process will make your trip go smoother because you're not second guessing what your animals may need or want, which will make your trip much more enjoyable for all of you.
Communicating telepathically with your pets during the planning process will help you make important decisions concerning the safety and best interest of your animals.

If you choose to bring your pet on vacation, there are many things to consider, including what your pets may want to do on vacation. Bodhi loves to go to the beach but some dogs are happier taking a hike in the woods. Some animals, like my cats, prefer to stay at home because change is hard for them and they don't enjoy

If you want to take your pets along on your trip, there are a number of websites, such as Bring Fido, which offers dog friendly hotels, locations and adventure options in the United States. PetTravel.com is about traveling internationally with your best friend.

When taking your animal on vacation, it's nice to find accommodations that offer fun perks. Some pet-friendly hotels offer "yappy hour," canine goody bags, dog poop bags or on-site doggie daycare.

My cats, Mona Marie and Elvis, are clear that they prefer to stay home when I travel. Bodhi loves to go, but not all vacations are appropriate to take him, like going to Hawaii.

Here is a video of my cat, Mona Marie, who decided to get into my suitcase while I was packing for a trip to Hawaii.

Besides blessing my clothes by scent marking them, Mona is telling me she doesn't want me to leave her. I don't like leaving my animal family either. I reassured Mona that she would be okay while I was gone with the arrangements I made for her care.

If you are traveling where you can't bring your animals, then you need to make arrangements for pet care while you're away. 
When I travel, I hire someone to spend the night in our home. My animal family wants to be home when I'm away. It's where they feel the safest and most comfortable.

During the day, my neighbors walk Bodhi and bring him over to their homes for social time. My neighbors spend time with the cats as well as. I'm blessed to have such good neighbors. We all reciprocate with one another when it comes to taking care of our animal families.

If you don't have a neighbor or relative to watch your pets, websites like DogVacay.com, or Care.com might help you find a reliable pet-sitter or pet boarding facility in your area. Your veterinarian can also be a good resource to find a reliable pet-sitter.

Before you finalize your trip, it can be helpful to check in with your animal family to make sure they understand your plans. Pets can and do have different ideas about what's important about going or staying. For example, some pets prefer to stay at home while you're away while some prefer to go to a relative's home. Bodhi is not okay being alone at night. My cats need human companionship if the trip goes longer than a couple of days.

What if your pet doesn't like the plans you made?

It's better to tweak your plans before you leave, not afterwards.
When my client, Donna, was planning her summer vacation to the Outer Banks in South Carolina, she wanted to know if her dog, Sadie, wanted to go on vacation or preferred staying with her human grandparents.

During our phone session, Sadie confessed that despite being a black Lab, the ocean scares her. Sadie asked Donna if she could stay with her grandparents this time around where she was far from the sea and felt safe.

Donna said talking with Sadie reduced their stress and anxiety around their vacation plans because she felt more relaxed knowing Sadie was exactly where she wanted to be.

Going on vacation can be a challenge, especially when you have pets. In my experience, your animal family tends to be more relaxed and happier when you include them in your planning process. After all, the goal is to have fun with your animals and enjoy your time together.

I'd love to hear what adventures you have planned for you and your animal families this summer. Please join the discussion about traveling with your animals by leaving your comments and stories here on m blog or by visiting my Facebook page.

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