Thursday, May 3, 2018

Animal Reiki Helps People, Too

“Just as water ripples outward with the drop of a pebble, Reiki flows to exactly where it's needed for the highest good of all."  

~Cathy Malkin, The Animal Muse

As a Reiki Master Practitioner for over ten years, I'm still in awe of the incredible healing power of Reiki. 
The more I practice Reiki, the more I see how the Universal Life Force Energy ripples outward flowing to precisely where it's needed the most.

When clients sent up Reiki sessions for a particular animal in their family, I encourage them to be with their pet during the treatment because Reiki frequently benefits other family members including pets and humans. 

An excellent example of what I call the "Reiki Ripple Effect" happened when I offered a beautiful 16-year-old Golden Retriever mix named Shanti distant Reiki.

Shanti's human, Serena requested Reiki to support her best friend, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, and for an upcoming move. 
Given all the different holistic options, Serena felt long-distant Reiki was the best choice to compliment Shanti's cancer treatments and help decrease her anxiety around the move.

Before Shanti's first Reiki session, I suggested Serena and her two cats create a "healing circle" around Shanti. In other words, I wanted Shanti's family to sit or sleep close by one another while I offered Reiki to Shanti.

After Shanti's initial treatment, Serena shared the following feedback:

Reiki goes where it needs to go, right?

It went straight to my own body, which has been in intense body pain for over a week. After Shanti's Reiki session, I had NO pain for two days!

As for Shanti - the light in her eyes are bright as her eyes tend to become dull when she is uncomfortable. And her gorgeous coat has shined up. . . it's palpable!
The cats? They’ve have been playing more. 
Also, thanks for getting rid of my dang virus that had a hold on me.

That's the Reiki Report!
After Shanti's third Reiki treatment, Serena wrote:
Three times is apparently the charm. Shanti seems transformed this evening standing for her supper, which she hasn't done in weeks.
Serena and Shanti's experience highlights Reiki's innate intelligence and its ability to go to whoever needs it, which in this case, created positive healing results for the entire family, including Serena.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Sunday Hawk Encounter

 “A man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.”  

--Paul Simon

As I gazed out my living room window on a sunny Sunday morning, a huge bird flew straight towards me. As he got closer to the window, he quickly veered off to the right and landed on my neighbor's roof.

Curious, I jumped up and quickly ran outside to see what kind of bird it was. At first, I thought it might be a Blue Heron or even a Turkey Vulture, given its enormous body and broad wing-span.

To my surprise and delight, it was my Power Animal, the Red-Tailed Hawk who lives in the open space adjacent to my home. When a Power Animal gets my attention, it means they want to share a message of wisdom.

I first met this particular Hawk several months ago while walking in the open space with my dog, Bodhi along with our good friends Jan and her dog, MacGuyver. As Jan and I chatted and the dogs sniffed about, I spotted a large raptor on the ground no more than four feet away from us happily eating his prey.

Jan and I immediately stopped. We became silent as we watched this magnificent raptor tore apart and ate his supper unfazed by our presence.

Interestingly, the two dogs were oblivious a Hawk was only a few feet away from them because they were all-consumed with smelling the smorgasbord of earthly delights around them.

And before we knew it, the Hawk soared off with the remainder of his food in his talons to a nearby Oak Tree. It was a magical encounter.

From the moment we met, I intuitively knew this particular Hawk was one of my Power Animals.

A Power Animal is a Spirit Guides in the form of an animal, reptile, or insect. Spirit Guides aid humans by sharing their valuable wisdom and insight. Indigenous cultures, like Native Americans, embrace Power Animals as an integral part of their culture.

According to Native American lore, the Hawk is known as "The Messenger." Therefore, when you spot a Hawk or hear its cries, it means to pay attention because an important message is about to be conveyed. In other words, be aware of the "signs" that are offered.

As the Hawk sat on my neighbor's roof staring at me, he shared the following telepathic communication:

Greetings, Cathy. Thank you for taking my call by noticing my presence.  
Keep sharing the wisdom of the animals with all those who are willing to hear our cries. 
Animals' "Voices" need to be heard and honored. 
It's easy to forget that we are interconnected and interrelated to all species who share Mother Earth together. 
Be gentle and kind with yourself and others as you share our messages.

After conveying his message, the Hawk flew to the top of the lamp post across the street from my house, where we spent a few more moments sharing our hearts together as One.

As the Hawk flew off towards the Open Space, I thanked him for sharing his wisdom and promised to share his musings.

I heard the Hawk replied, "Until we meet again, keep soaring."

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Do You Talk to Your Pets?

In a recent survey about pets by Mindful Magazine, readers were asked:

"Do you talk casually with your pets?" 

98% of the respondents answered "yes" to the question.

When Mindful readers were asked, 

"What's the hardest thing about having a pet?" 

Two of their top responses were:
  • Not understanding what their pets want or need.
  • Not knowing what their pets are thinking.
These answers suggest it's easier to talk with your pets than it is to listen to them. 
Animals want to be heard and understood just like humans.
It's frustrating for pets when they don't feel understood. Plus misunderstandings can lead to unwanted behavioral and emotional issues like inappropriate peeing or increased anxiety. A professional Animal Communicator, like myself, can help eliminate these problems by giving animals a "voice" so they can share their hearts and minds. 

Clear, open communication creates a deeper bond with your pets. Mindful listening conveys to your pets how much you love, honor, and respect them which makes them happy, healthy, and more balanced. 

One way to develop Mindful Listening Skills with your pets is to spend at least 5 minutes daily (the more time, the better) sitting quietly feeling all the love you have in your heart for your animal family. Invite your animal family to join you. Sit with this feeling for at least 5 minutes. If you find your thoughts wandering, take a deep breath and gently return your focus back to your heart center.

Doing this simple exercise will open the door to mindful talking and listening to animals.
Are you having trouble communicating with your pets? 
Want to know what your pet is thinking and feeling? 
Empower your pets and make them happy by giving them a "voice" with my assistance.

Email me or use the contact form below to schedule a phone session to talk with your animal family.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

What Do Pets Really Want?

If you could give your pet anything in the world, what would it be? A new toy or a favorite treat? A new friend?

The Best Present You Can Give Your Pet Is Your Presence. 

It's easy to forget your animals want something incredibly simple from you: your undivided attention in a mindful way, even if it's only for five minutes a day.

Throughout the holidays and the rest of the year, we tend to get consumed and overwhelmed by the many distractions life brings. These diversions prevent you from being fully and peacefully Present with your pets. 

Animals consistently tell me that spending quality time with their humans is the best gift they could ever receive because they never get enough quality time with their cherished humans.

Being with your animal family while you're talking on the phone, watching TV, or surfing the web isn't the Present your animal family craves. They want you to disconnect from your cell phone, computer, or whatever is preventing you from becoming fully Present in mind, body, and spirit.

If you think about it, your pets are consistently Present as they quietly support you with their Presence. They appreciate it when you reciprocate in kind.

Taking time each day to be quietly Present with your animal brings about many benefits including hearing your intutitive voice and your animals' voices. Plus it brings deeper awareness, understanding, and balance to your relationship.

Being Present with your pet might look like sitting quietly on the couch together, taking a walk in Nature, or going on a joy-ride to a favorite destination. Or it could be offering Reiki which is an easy way to be fully Present.

Your animal family will thank you for giving them the best Present ever: your Presence.

Looking for a fun meditation to create more mindfulness around your animal family? Click here for an easy meditation from Kathleen Prasad of the Animal Reiki Source.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cockatoo Benefits From Animal Communication and Reiki

After Experiencing A Seizure, Tula the Cockatoo benefitted from Animal Communication and Reiki. 

Tula is a vivacious, spunky, and stubborn 17-year-old Cockatoo who has severe health challenges including hormonal imbalance and frequent seizures caused by abnormally high zinc levels.

Tula's person, Paula called me to communicate telepathically with Tula as well as offering her Reiki. Paula was concerned about how Tula was feeling after experiencing another seizure which left Tula abnormally quiet and withdrawn.

Besides talking with Tula during an Animal Communication phone session, Paula felt a distant Reiki session would also help Tula feel better.

Tula the Cockatoo

During our Animal Communication phone session, I  telepathically asked Tula how she was feeling, She immediately showed me that her body felt inflamed as though it was on fire. Tula felt sad, withdrawn, and depressed especially since her last seizure. Tula said it knocked the wind out of her.

Tula went on to say,

Besides my body feeling like it's on fire, I'm bored. I know Paula does her best to keep me busy and engaged, but she can never replace Nature with her trees, streams, and fresh air. I need to go outside.
I want Paula to take me on car rides. When I'm in the car, it feels like Paula and I are flying! There's nothing better than feeling the wind flowing through my feathers while breathing in all the many different smells that whip by me. 

I relayed Tula's message with Paula, who was 100% on-board with the idea. In fact, Paula described taking many fun car trips with Tula as her co-pilot. Paula confessed she couldn't remember the last time they went on a ride together.

Paula then promised Tula that they'd take a joy ride to one of their favorite destinations, the San Francisco Bay, after receiving Reiki. As Paula described their past car rides, I felt Tula's mood brighten.

After her Animal Communication session, I offered Tula Reiki. During her distant Reiki session, Tula drank in the healing energy like a fine wine. As she received the universal life force known as Reiki, I felt Tula's mood lighten up even more.

Tula Joy Riding After Receiving Reiki

After Tula's Reiki Session, I received a phone call from Paula. She told me that Tula became so relaxed during her Reiki session that she nearly tumbled off her perch. Paula was surprised by this since Tula rarely goes into deep relaxation or falls asleep during the day.

Tula After Receiving Reiki

Later that afternoon, I received the above pictures of Tula after Paula took Tula on a joy-ride to the San Francisco Bay. As you can see from her photographs, Tula is one happy Cockatoo! 
Paula was thrilled because she noticed a happier, more energetic, and upbeat Tula almost immediately after the Animal Communication and Reiki sessions were done. Paula admitted she was also feeling more optimistic now that Tula was acting more like her usual self.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Animals and Gratitude

“If having a soul means to be able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”                                           – James Herriot

Animals Express Love and Gratitude Daily

Animals are full of grace, love unconditionally, and do not judge as humans do. 

Smiling Bodhi Bear

With Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season upon us, it’s a perfect time to muse about the love and gratitude you and your animal family share together. 

When you express gratitude to your pets, it creates positive feelings, a sense of harmony, and builds trust. In addition, it shows your love for them.

Sharing gratitude with your pets, both physically and telepathically, opens the door to a more profound and loving relationship while strengthening your bond together. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Being mindful of your pets' ability pick up on your thoughts and emotions can help your animals better deal with the stress that comes with the holiday season. Every thought and feeling you have is sent off telepathically from your mind straight to your animal companions. Whether you like it or not, your pets can feel if you are happy or sad; relaxed or stressed.

Trying to hide your thoughts and feelings from them is futile because pets are masterful at receiving telepathic messages. What animals don't always understand are the reasons behind your emotions which can confuse and upset them. If your Holiday plans aren't going the way you wanted and your feeling upset, your animal friends may feel they are the cause of your stress and distress.

Just Say No!

During the Holidays, it's important to keep your pets' routine as normal as possible especially their meals and exercise routine. Remove them from stressful situations to a quiet, safe place: they will be happier away from the Holiday madness. When you say "no" to their pleading faces as they are trying to convince you to feed them more turkey or treats is an act of grace.

Some people feel animals aren't capable of expressing gratitude. I wholeheartedly disagree. I believe animals show their appreciation to their humans daily. In many ways, your pet's actions speak volumes about how they are feeling.

It's fun and life-affirming to see the different ways your pets share their love and gratitude which is sometimes difficult to understand or recognize.

Your animal family loves you unconditionally which is an expression of their gratitude. Even when you're feeling sad or blue, their love for you remains constant and consistent.

Some other expressions of thanks from your pets manifest by sticking close to you, following you around, or lying on or near you.

My Cat, Mona Marie
Other signs of gratitude may not be as apparent as when cats bring their humans a gift of the dead remains of a mouse or bird they caught and tortured. Cats are proud to express their appreciation with such a unique surprise for their favorite human.

My dog, Bodhi Bear expresses his gratitude by nuzzling up to my face or flashing his effervescent smile. My cat, Mona Marie shows her unconditional love by sleeping on me at night. My Siamese, Elvis is a snuggle bug who isn't shy about lying on my heart center.

How does your animal family show their gratitude? 

I'd love to hear about your pet's expressions of gratitude. Please share your stories here on my blog or go to my Facebook page.

Need help figuring out what your pets are communicating with you? I can help by giving your animal family a "voice." 

Need a Holiday Break? Why not consider a Reiki Session for you and your pets?

Call me at 925-671-9208 or email me to schedule your Animal Communication Session or Reiki Session today.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Rescued Dog Helped with Animal Communication and Reiki After A Stroke

Paralyzed from the Neck Down, Puppy Mill Dog Predicted His Paralysis Was Temporary.

Zac the Keeshond's tale is about how Animal Communication and Reiki can bring hope to an unimaginable situation. 

His tale shows that animals can predict their recovery when given a "voice."

Zac's story also speaks to the strength and resilience puppy mill dogs have to move past their adversity and traumas when they have a loving and supportive "pack." 

Shortly after Thanksgiving last year, I was contacted by Gregg and Karen B., who were out of their minds with worry about their puppy mill rescue dog, Zac.

Zac the Keeshond A Year After His Stroke

Zac had a tough life before he joined Gregg and Karen's pack. Born in a horrific puppy mill in Upstate New York, he was rescued when he was approximately 5 to 7 years old.

Can you imagine a dog with little to no human contact for 7 years? It seems inconceivable that 1000s of dogs like Zac endure the same inhumane existence.

Zac's past has made him skittish and afraid of random things. Yet he is loving, gentle, sweet, and kind. He is courageous especially when he is spooked by his past demons.

Gregg and Karen asked me to communicate with Zac right after he became paralyzed from the neck down due to a stroke. They explained Zac seemed fine after playing with his best friend, Jethro the Labrador, but 45 minutes later Zac could no longer stand or walk.

On his Facebook page. Gregg wrote about how I was helping Zac with Animal Communication and Reiki:
Cathy has helped my pack immensely. I have three rescued dogs, all from different places. As with most rescued pets, limited, none or sketchy (at best) history is available on them. She is so amazing and so very on point. 
Well, right after Thanksgiving last year, this little guy of mine, Zac had a stroke. He was paralyzed from the neck down. He was bright eyed but afraid. He refused food, water, and his medications. If there was any hope my boy was going to survive this, we needed his cooperation with our efforts.
We contacted The Animal Muse--Animal Communicator Cathy Malkin for help.
During the initial telephone conversation with Cathy, we had our dogs in the same room with us. Cathy said Zac was afraid but wanted to get better. He told Cathy he hadn’t lost hope because my wife and I were willing to help him recover. 
Zac expressed with complete certainty, he would recover from his trauma. He was firm that he would regain full modibily and run again. 
Cathy communicated to Zac that if he was going to get back on his paws, he must eat, drink. and take his meds. She also told Zac that carrying him around, assisting him with bodily functions, including walking in a carry handle assisted harness, etc, we would lovingly and happily take care of. 
As God is my witness, within 5 minutes of hanging up the phone with Cathy, my boy started to drink and ate for the first time since being released from the hospital. Plus he took his meds like a kid eating candy!
The Zac Pack

When I spoke with Zac shortly after he was admitted to the animal hospital ER, he told me was terrified. I felt him shutting down and withdrawing emotionally and mentally. He refused meds, food, and water.

Gregg, Karen, and I were afraid he was going to die.

Zac felt he was being abandoned at the animal hospital to die. Even worse, he thought he might be returned to the puppy mill. I reassured Zac that he wasn't being left. I told him that he'd never be returned to that horrific place. Not now, not ever! I then reiterated he was well-loved and very much wanted.

After hearing from Zac, I asked Gregg and Karen to visit him in the hospital as much as possible to assure him he wasn't being abandoned by his family and to bolster his spirits.

A few weeks later, Zac experienced a setback in his recovery.

Gregg updated his Facebook friends on Zac's progress:
We've been in touch with Cathy Malkin, who checks in with us to let us know Zac is still very vocal. 
Interestingly, Zac has been more vocal, literally since about a week into this ordeal. He has found his bark, his voice. 
Cathy is our gateway to Zac's voice. Zac told her he tweaked himself getting up from laying down and judging on when the setback appeared, we think we know when. He said he's feeling better, and knows he is loved! 
Cathy sent Reiki again for Zac so we're confident he's back on the mend.
We will not give up on you little buddy, never not ever!

In the past year since Zac's debilitating injury, I've communicated with Zac and offered him Reiki often. Zac is happy to report he has recovered from his stroke. He's resumed his daily walks with his Dad and Barkley, along with play dates with Jethro.

Since that fateful day in November 2017, I've helped the other members of Zac's Pack: Griffin (now In Spirit) and Barkley with Animal Communication and Reiki.


Gregg shared the following on his FB page:
True to his word, Zac has recovered to about 95% of his pre-stroke condition, and we know without Cathy’s assistance that may not have been the case. 
Since then, we have used Cathy’s animal communicator abilities to assist us with our other two dogs as well. Griffin, also a rescued Keeshond, suffered from seizures and had a huge tumor removed from his liver, and our other dog, Barkley is generally healthy but has become out of sorts since Griffin  passed on 9/11/17 from liver cancer.    
Cathy has spoken to our depressed fuzzy boy, Zac who told us what he needs to help him along. In the past couple weeks, he seems to be doing better. 
Cathy has even communicated with our boy, Griffin who crossed The Rainbow Bridge. 
I can’t say enough about Cathy and her mastery of her power. 
Check out her website, FB page, email her, and/or give her a call. Tell her Griffin, Barkley, Zac, and their dad recommended you call!
Thank you, Cathy, for making The Zac Pack’s life complete! 
Puppy mill dogs like Zac and his pack are my heroes. Their strength, resilience, and willingness to move past their traumatic past is nothing less astounding.

Loving and kind humans like Gregg and Karen are also my heroes. Their dedication to helping their dogs move forward is heartwarming and life-affirming.