Thursday, August 17, 2017

5 Benefits of Animal Communication

Have you ever thought, "I wish I could get answers directly from my pets?"

During an Animal Communication Session, you can receive answers to your questions about your animal family. 

Bodhi Bear

When you communicate telepathically with your pets during an Animal Communication Session, it shows them how much you love, care and respect them.

Here are 5 Benefits of Telepathic Animal Communication:

  • Talking with your pet gives you answers to your questions about your pet's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life directly from your animal family.
  • Animal Communication allows you to make decisions in partnership with your animals instead of guessing what they may want. All animals deserve to have a say in decisions which affect them like end-of-life choices or if they want a new friend.
  • Telepathic Animal Communication clears up misunderstandings that lead to unwanted issues as you discover the reasons behind the inappropriate behaviors. Mutual understanding brings peace, harmony, and love.
  • Pets hold great wisdom and love offering you guidance on how to resolve issues and challenges.
  • An Animal Communication Session gives you an opportunity to share your heart with your pet while strengthening your bond together.

The best benefit from giving your animal a "voice" with telepathic animal communication is it makes your pet feel happy and loved.

Interested in talking with your pets during an Animal Communication session? Visit my website or give me a call at 925-671-9208.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Oak Tree Muse

Trees are wise teachers and poets.

These grounded Spirits spiral upward toward the heavens as their branches spread like an umbrella offering shelter to any one who happens by.

I credit Trees for playing a significant role in the development of my telepathic and Reiki skills.

When I began learning Reik many years ago, I first practiced with Trees instead of with people and animals. At the time, I intuitively felt Trees would help me stay grounded and focused as I learned how to be an open-hearted conduit for the spiritual energy known as Reiki.

When I was reawakening my telepathic animal communication gifts a couple of years later, I again turned to my trusted friends the trees. To this day, I love talking with trees. Their wisdom and knowledge continue to humble me.

An Oak Tree caught my attention telepathically the other day as I was contemplating the role trees have played in the evolution of my animal communication and Reiki skills.

She seemed amused by my inquisitiveness and interest in her musings.

I then heard the Oak Tree Muse:

I swing. I sway. I dance with the wind.
Soil and rain nurtures my soul as
My roots run deep into the crevices of Mother Earth.
Keeping me connected with all of Creation.
Each day I deal with whatever comes my way.
Even when losing a branch or leaves, I'm rewarded with new growth. 
Witnessing the cycles of life as I spiral towards the heavens above,
Welcoming those seeking safe haven in my trunk and canopy of branches.
Even in death, I shelter those who call me home. 
We Trees are wise old beings settled in our stately ways,
Offering lessons in standing tall and being grounded. 
Listen with an open heart and you will hear the truth of who you are.

I thanked the Oak for taking the time to share her wisdom with me.

Next time you feel a tree reach out to you, I  hope you will open your heart to feel their wisdom as they have much to share.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Does A Tree Witness in a Year?

Have you ever wondered what a tree sees and experiences in its lifetime?

Trees are grounded spiritual beings who hold ancient wisdom from observing the cycles of life. They are open-hearted enjoy helping others like birds, wildlife, and insects.

These wise teachers love sharing their knowledge and they can be quite poetic. A tree once told me Trees are the real poets of the world, not humans. The Tree mused it loves whispering into the ears of poets.

Besides cleaning the air we breathe, Trees provide many different beings shelter and food in their trunks and outspread branches. Their roots drink in the energy of Mother Nature which supports the canopy of branches and leaves.

A friend sent me this interesting video of a tree and its visitors throughout the course of a year. It's enlightening and fascinating to see how important trees are to all species who depend on them, including humans.

As you can see, this tree has observed a lot in a year. Can you imagine what Giant Sequoia or Redwood Trees have witnessed in their lifetime?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Coyote Morning Wisdom

In every walk with nature, 

one receives far more than he seeks. 

--John Muir

I love being out in Nature. It reduces my stress because it's the one place I can go that makes sense especially in this fast-paced, crazy world we live in. Disconnecting from my phone, computer, and other electronic stimuli allow me to become a human being again.

I especially love it when I come across wildlife on my walks with my dog, Bodhi. Observing wildlife brings out my childlike curiosity. I learn a lot by communicating telepathically with them like in my recent blog post, Discovering New Creatures Using Telepathy.

Thanks to the abundant winter rains that ended Northern California's severe drought, the local fauna and flora are flourishing this summer. It's uplifting observing the different raptors like the Hawks, Kites, and Kestrels as they dive and grab the voles, which are meadow mice, out of their holes and fly away with their prey.

The other morning Bodhi and I spied a Coyote on our morning walk in the open space near our home. This wasn't the first time we've seen coyotes. However, we've seen more coyotes this year than I can ever remember in the 25-plus years I've lived here especially in the early morning.

From a safe distance, we quietly watched the majestic young Coyote as he sauntered along the trail. That is until he stopped to hunt for a vole in a hole similar to the picture below.

Hunting Coyote

When a wild animal crosses my path, I like to reach out to them telepathically. I understand when wild animals are too busy to communicate given they are constantly looking for food and trying to survive whatever might come their way.

However, I'm grateful when an Animal or Nature Spirit takes the time out of their busy day to share their hearts with me.

I always start my communication with an animal, wild or domesticated, by asking, "Is this a good time to talk with you?"

If the animal says "yes," we start a conversation. If the animal replies, "No," then I thank the animal and move on.

A key aspect of telepathic animal communication is to always thank the animal them after communicating with them, even if you don't feel you received a message.

When you say, "thank you," it tells the animal that you respect them which builds mutual trust and understanding. Showing reverence for another living being also increases your telepathic abilities.

When the Coyote said "yes" to my invitation to communicate, he shared the following message:

I appreciate you reaching out to me as I welcome your heartfelt connection. While Coyotes can act non-schlant, we are keenly aware of the harshness and fear coming from the humans we encounter. For the most part, we are not interested in humans.  It's all about having fun while trying to survive. 
Coyotes are misunderstood and vilified by humans which threaten our lives and ways of being. Like people, we are an intricate part of the web of life. We need you as much as you need us. We appreciate it when you see the world from our perspective as you see through the misconceptions that surround us and our brethren, the Wolves.
While we may be perceived as the Trickster of the Animal World or killer of cats, we have as much right to survive as any other species. It can be hard when we are vilified. Yet, we don't let it bother us as we continue living our lives.
It's been a good year for me and my pack given the abundance of food and water. The last few years were challenging. We are survivors and we feel stronger because of the drought. 
We are happy living life with a full belly. We urge people to take a break and connect with us and Nature. 
When our conversation ended, I thanked the Coyote for taking time out of his busy day to share his wisdom with me.

This is a video of the Coyote I communicated with:

I Spy A Coyote

As Bodhi and I continued our walk, I reflected on the message the Coyote shared with me.

According to Native American Indian lore, Coyotes symbolize the tricksters, shape-shifters, and transformers in Nature. In this way, Coyote's wisdom or medicine teaches us about cultivating flexibility with a playful sense of humor. It's also about experiencing the magic in life while staying open to the unexpected.

On a deeper level, Coyote medicine asks that we see the truth behind the illusions, misconceptions and false impressions. Coyote tends to employ trickery or deception to achieve its goals.

When a Coyote crosses my path, I know it's time to lighten up and not take life too seriously. Coyote Medicine reminds me to simplify my life with a sense of humor towards whatever may be coming my way or this Jokester may play a trick on me to make sure I'm too set in my ways.

Mother Nature and her myriad of creatures have a lot of wisdom to share with humans. I hope the next time you come across a wild animal like a Coyote, you'll strike up a telepathic conversation with them to find out what inspiration and wisdom they want to convey.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Keeshond Bodhi Is A Bodhisattva

Bodhi Bear stars in his first Bollywood-Themed movie, Bodhi Is A Bodhisattva. 

So grab some popcorn and enjoy the picture show. . .

Friday, June 23, 2017

An Easy Animal Communication Heart Meditation

Do You Live In Your Heart?

Did you know all spiritual beings, whether human, animal, plant or mineral, are born with the ability to communicate using the universal language of telepathy

Learning Telepathic Animal Communication and Reiki is a life-long journey of self-discovery. The process begins by recognizing how it feels when you focus your awareness in your Heart Center where telepathy and Reiki emanate.

So be loving and kind with yourself as you reclaim your natural abilities to communicate telepathically and offer Reiki with all spiritual beings in the web of life.

My Heart Dog

Telepathic Animal Communication originates from your heart. Verbal language originates in your mind. Most spiritual beings live in their heart center not in their thinking minds like humans do.

This Heart Center Meditation is designed to help you access your heart center and its associated feelings so you can experience how being open-hearted affects your entire being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Practice this short Heart Center Meditation for at least 5 minutes daily. The more you consciously spend time in your "heart center," the easier it is to access your telepathic and Reiki potential.

If at any time during the meditation you feel frustrated or are unable to focus, take a break. Return to the meditation when you feel calm and relaxed in mind and body.

Remember, this meditation is not a test! It's a fun and easy way to discover the world from your heart center. 

Heart Center Meditation

  • Begin by either sitting or lying down in a comfortable relaxed position. Your eyes can be open or closed, whichever is most comfortable for you. 
  • Take a nice deep breath in and then slowly exhaling it out. Take another deep breath as you gently as you release your energy down through your legs as you feel your feet on the ground in connection with Mother Earth. 
  • As you continue to breathe slowly and deeply, focus your attention away from your busy mind with all its thoughts and worries to your heart center located in the middle of your chest. 
  • Imagine a beautiful blue loving light in your heart center.
  • Breathe this blue light in and out of your heart center for at least 30 seconds. The longer you spend feeling this beautiful blue energy in your heart center the better. 
  • As you continue to breathe through your heart center, recall a time when you felt unconditional love for any individual like a pet or child.
  • Don't "do" anything except be fully present as you experience the feeling of unconditional love you have for this individual. 
  • Spend a couple of minutes noticing how unconditional love feels throughout your entire being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 
Do you sense a shift in how you perceive the world around you when you're in your heart center?

If you keep a journal, I encourage you to write done your impressions to ground your experiences.

If you need help with any of these exercises or have any questions, email me.

How did this Heart Center Meditation work for you? Please leave your comments and feedback below.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bodhi Celebrates His Birthday with Girlfriends

Bodhi's Birthday Paw-ty with his girlfriends is a huge success!

Bodhi with special friend Sabrina Renee
It's hard to believe that my Puff Doggy, Bodhi Bear is 4 years old already. Boy time seems to fly by way too fast. 

To celebrate Bodhi's birthday this year, I thought it would be fun for him to spend time with some of his close friends. 

So Bodhi's week long Birthday Extravaganza was hatched. His week started off with good friend MacGuvyer the Puggle. Together, they ate Burger Bites. 

The Burger paw-ty was followed by Bodhi's Fuzzy Birthday Party with the Keesateers, Harvey, and Eli. 

Bodhi's 3rd and final paw-ty is with his girlfriends: Sabrina Renee the Golden Retriever along with Greta and Tonks, who are German Shepherds.

Bodhi shares his excitement as I tell him that his girlfriends are arriving shortly to celebrate his special day with him:

Here are Bodhi's paw-ty guests:

Sabrina Renee the Golden
Tonks the German Shepherd waiting for the games to begin

Greta the German Shepherd takes a break 

Sabrina's Mom Sharon made Bodhi a special dog birthday cake:
Bodhi's Cake made by Sabrina Renee's Mom, Sharon
And Sharon made these Super Cool "Paper Clip" Paw-ty Favors:

Cool party favors made by Sharon

Greta and Tonk's Mom, Karen found an edgy way to display the party favors:
Karen displays the party favors 

Finally, birthday cake for the birthday boy and his guests! 

The dogs patiently waited to eat BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!

Once the cake was eaten, Bodhi opened the wonderful gifts he received from his girlfriends and their Moms.

All in all, Bodhi's 4th Birthday Celebration was a lot of fun for  everyone. 

Bodhi wrote on his Facebook page, Puff Doggy
My mom is so silly but the best because she gives me so many paw-ties to celebrate my birthday.

I'm glad my fuzzy boy enjoyed his weeklong celebration. It makes me happy to make Bodhi happy. 

Thank you for joining in on Bodhi's Birthday Extravaganza as you helped make Bodhi's special day (or in his case, week) that much sweeter. 

See you next year for another Fuzzy Birthday . . .